The Internship

When you intern at Frito-Lay, you get the chance to solve a real problem we need to solve.  For the ten summer weeks that you’re with us, you work on one specific project culminating in a final presentation at the end of the summer to share your recommendation.  Often interns’ recommendations are implemented to solve the business problem.  Each summer, there is a class of approximately 15 interns, a mix of undergraduates and MBA students.

The four pillars of the internship are analytical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration, and bringing others along.  Interns demonstrate all of these skills throughout their ten weeks.  Not only do you learn a lot while you’re an intern, you also have a lot of fun!   Intern events occur often throughout the summer.  Some favorites from year’s past include

Frito Interns
2014 Frito Lay interns pose with Chester (aka 2014 Cheetos intern, Melissa Jones!)
Buzz Bike
2014 Interns finish a Buzz Bike excursion in Uptown Dallas!